Rom. 16:17 - Now I exhort you, brothers, to mark those who make divisions and causes of stumbling contrary to the teaching which you have learned, and turn away from them.

2 Tim. 2:25 - In meekness correcting those who oppose, if perhaps God may give them repentance unto the full knowledge of the truth.

Notes 94-95 - History of Attempts to Fellowship

94Claims of No Progress in Fellowship

Brother Dong's co-workers accuse the North American co-workers of being unwilling to have fellowship with them for many years (as the history in note 95 shows, this is not true):

Ezra Ma, Fellowship with the co-workers in Taipei, November 6, 2007:

In the past thirteen years, we have sought to fellowship with the brothers many times. We paid a great price to go to the US, to attend the elders' trainings and the co-workers' meetings and fellowship. We did so for thirteen years. We had fellowship mainly with Brother Benson, also with Ed Marks. Benson, Ed Marks, and Albert Lim went to Brazil in March, 2006. Their sharing brought us to the third heaven. They promised that many problems and misunderstandings would be resolved. They also said that they had understood our situation and would bring it back to the coworkers. After they went back, however, there was no more follow-up. This is the story of thirteen years. We needed to repeat what we had said every single time. We have had fellowship with Brother Andrew so many times, over and over again. Whatever was said this time would be forgotten next time. We have to repeat and repeat again. "Brothers, we have told you already."

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Ezra Ma, Fellowship with the co-workers in Taipei, November 6, 2007:

Because what we have fellowshipped in the past thirteen years was not known to other co-workers. Today, there is no proper representation among the blending co-workers.

We are willing to have fellowship, but not for another thirteen years. We hope that what was decided would be carried out, and that through the fellowship problems would be resolved once for all. What we fellowshipped over the last thirteen years, however, was not relayed to other co-workers.

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Pedro Dong, Fellowship with the co-workers in Taipei, November 7, 2007:

As Brother Paul said, we are not closed for fellowship. However, our fellowship with the US brothers has been cut off. Over the past thirteen years, we have not been able to break through.

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95Attempts to Adjust Brother Dong's Course Rejected

July, December 1991: Brother Dong and his co-workers disregarded Brother Lee's personal fellowship with them concerning publication work.

Mid-1990s (unspecified): Brother Lee told Brother Dong in the presence of some of the co-workers that he would not go to Brazil because to do so would be to build up Brother Dong's work (see note 29). On another occasion, Brother Lee directly said to Brother Dong, "Brother Dong, you are not doing in South America what I am doing" (see note 30).

March and October 1997: Brother Dong and his co-workers along with the co-workers from North America and Taiwan sign a joint statement that the writings of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee the primary material published by EÁV. This agreement is never observed.

A meeting at Estancia, 2002: Brother Dong agreed to stop publishing Daily Food at the request of the co-workers, but he made no attempt to do so.

October, December 2002; January 2003: Brother Dong rejected Ronnie Chan's exhortation to stop publishing his own literature.

July 2004: Brother Dong told Paul Hon that he will not be polite anymore since the co-workers did not write a letter to affirm his ministry.

September 2004: In a letter to Benson Phillips and Ron Kangas, Miguel Ma made serious accusations against churches in the U.S., LSM, and the co-workers.

October 2004: The co-workers invited Brother Dong's co-workers for fellowship at the ITERO in Auckland, New Zealand, but they did not come.

February 2005: Benson Phillips responded to an e-mail from Salomon Ma, in which Salomon accused the co-workers of declaring war and supporting a revolution in the churches in South America.

Editora Árvore da Vida added portions from Brother Lee's ministry to the Portuguese translation of Remaining in the Unique New Testament Ministry of God's Economy under the Proper Leadership in His Move without permission from either the co-workers who issued the statement or Living Stream Ministry which published the English original. The added excerpts were selected by Brother Dong and his co-workers to give the impression that Brother Lee endorsed Brother Dong's work, which he did not.

June 4, 2005: Twenty-one co-workers wrote a letter of fellowship and concern to Brother Dong. Brother Dong's co-workers responded negatively to the letter.

December 21, 2005: Bob Little wrote to Brother Dong to express concern over his conferences and publications in the United States.

March 2006: Benson Phillips, Ed Marks, and Albert Lim met with Brother Dong in Brazil. Three resolutions issued from that meeting:

  1. LSM would assume responsiblity for the project to translate the Recovery Version into Portuguese,
  2. LSM would do its own translation of books by Brother Nee and Brother Lee into Portuguese, beginning with The Holy Word for Morning Revival, and
  3. LSM would be paid back for the loan it funded to Brother Dong for the building of Estancia, although Brother Dong tried to have the debt forgiven.

October 19, 2006: Joe Davis wrote to Salomon Ma and Joao Antonelli to express concern over the establishment of churches in Europe apart from the fellowship of the Body.

November 5-7, 2007: Brother Dong's co-workers met with co-workers from North America and Taiwan in Taipei. They made many unfounded accusations against the North American co-workers to the brothers from Taiwan.

December 2007: Brother Dong's co-workers met with the co-workers at the winter training in Anaheim.

February 2008: Brother Dong and his co-workers met with co-workers following the International Chinese-speaking Conference and continued to make unfounded accusations.

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