Ro. 16:17 - Ahora bien, os exhorto, hermanos, que os fijéis en los que causan divisiones y tropiezos en contra de la enseñanza que vosotros habéis aprendido, y que os apartéis de ellos.

2 Ti. 2:25 - Que con mansedumbre corrija a los que se oponen, por si quizá Dios les conceda el arrepentimiento que conduce al pleno conocimiento de la verdad

Concerning the Portuguese Recovery Version

The translation of the Portuguese Recovery Version was finally released by Living Stream Ministry in January 2009. Living Stream Ministry published a very gracious account of the work performed by certain Brazilian co-workers. Sadly, however, Brother Dong and his co-workers have opposed the distribution of the Portuguese Recovery Version in Brazil. This is in direct contradiction to Brother Lee's burden that the Recovery Version be used in its various translations throughout the earth to unlock the riches of the revelation in God's Word to all of His people:

The Lord has commissioned us with His recovery, and He has surely opened up the New Testament to reveal many dear and precious truths to us. What the Lord needs is for thousands of His dear saints who love Him, who live to Him, and who know nothing but His recovery to take one way. Regardless of whether the saints are from Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, England, Thailand, Indonesia, or the United States, we all bear the same burden, take the same way, and spread the same truths. We dispense the truths embodied in the "gold bar," the Recovery Version. We have no other merchandise! If we would be like this, the entire earth will be taken! (Elders' Training, Book 8: The Life-pulse of the Lord's Present Move, p. 125. Messages given in February 1986 and published in June 1986)

Brother Lee consider the Recovery Version to be the best tool for understanding the New Testament:

We owe so much to many teachers of the Bible who have gone before us, and today we are standing on their shoulders. I consider the notes we have published in the Recovery Version as the aggregate of the proper understanding of the New Testament. We are really blessed to be living in these latter days. We have received the aggregate understanding of the Bible because we are standing on the shoulders of many who have gone before us. (The World Situation and the Direction of the Lord's Move, p. 35)

His burden was that all of the saints throughout the Lord's recovery would be constituted with the truth in God's word and use the Recovery Version to proclaim this truth:

In the next few years, in step with the promotion of the truth, the Recovery Version of the New Testament in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Portuguese, and Spanish will be completed one after another. This will be the best means by which we can go out and proclaim the truth. (A Blessed Human Life, p. 64, spoken in 1986)

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