Rom. 16:17 - Now I exhort you, brothers, to mark those who make divisions and causes of stumbling contrary to the teaching which you have learned, and turn away from them.

2 Tim. 2:25 - In meekness correcting those who oppose, if perhaps God may give them repentance unto the full knowledge of the truth.

Note 99 - Opposition to The Holy Word for Morning Revival

Brother Dong and his co-workers have done much to poison the saints in South America against the Living Stream Ministry publication The Holy Word for Morning Revival. The saints, however, should realize that this publication was intiated while Brother Lee was still alive and was much appreciated by him:

In recent years we have found a way to use a portion of the Word for morning revival. The practice of pray-reading and reading portions from The Holy Word for Morning Revival has been a great help to many of the saints. Many have testified that in the past, when they came to the meeting, they did not want to prophesy, they did not want to speak for the Lord, because they had no inspiration and no subject on which to speak. But since they began to use The Holy Word for Morning Revival, their spirits have been stirred up, their thoughts have been inspired, and they now have a subject on which to speak, with some material to eat, to digest, to paraphrase, and to pray-read. ( The Practice of the Church Life according to the God-ordained Way , p. 108)

He encouraged the saints to use it as a way to develop the capacity to prophesy:

We need to practice composing a prophecy according to the way in 1 Corinthians 14. To help us in this matter, we have prepared the book The Holy Word for Morning Revival. If we use the contents of this book with the knowledge and experience of God, Christ, and the spiritual things, the utterance to speak forth what we know and have experienced, the sight under the divine enlightenment concerning our situation, and the instant inspiration of the indwelling Spirit through the clear and open fellowship with the Lord in the exercise of our spirit, we can easily compose a prophecy and speak it in the church meeting. ( The Practice of Prophesying , pp. 15-16)

Even Brother Lee himself enjoyed using The Holy Word for Morning Revival:

Recently, I was having a time with the Lord in the morning with the help of the publication we have entitled The Holy Word for Morning Revival. I was praying over Ephesians 6:23, which says, "Peace to the brothers, and love with faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ." I was asking myself what peace and love with faith meant. I forgot that I had written a note on this verse in the Recovery Version, so I read it. The note points out that faith is to receive Christ (John 1:12) and love is to enjoy Christ (14:23). Then it says, "Here it is not faith and love, nor love and faith, but love with faith, because this is the conclusion of the book on the church, which needs to enjoy Christ in love with faith, which works through love (Gal. 5:6). Thus peace will also be her portion." I received much help from reading this note on Ephesians 6:23. This shows that we need the interpretation and the exposition of the Word. ( The World Situation and the Direction of the Lord's Move , pp. 26-27)

The nature, format, burden, and content of The Holy Word for Morning Revival have not changed since it was initiated under Brother Lee's oversight. Nevertheless, Brother Dong and his co-workers have seen fit to attack it in the most strident terms.

Dong Yu Lan, National Conference in Cochabamba, Bolivia, August 2004:

Brothers, if Santa Cruz does not use Daily Food, the way they are taking ... how can they be one with the churches? Brother, consider this. It is not a matter of me agreeing or disagreeing with Holy Word, but since they started using The Holy Word for Morning Revival, there have been more divisions in the church.... No need to give reasons; just check: since you began to use The Holy Word for Morning Revival, there have been problems arising in the churches....Yesterday in the first session, a sister shared [concerning Holy Word]. When things like this happen, not only does Brother Dong suffer loss, but Christ also suffers loss. It matters little that I suffer, but do not let Christ suffer! Do not cause more damage to the churches! If you personally want to use it, then go ahead; but do not promote it in other places, causing other churches to suffer and causing Brother Dong to suffer too.

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Pedro Dong, Regional Service Brothers Meeting, São Paulo, Brazil, July 3, 2007:

I don't know how you can use The Holy Word for Morning Revival. And how can you enjoy it and have a line of direction? There is no direction because The Holy Word for Morning Revival does not have any.

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Pedro Dong, São Paulo Regional Service Brothers Meeting, October 2, 2005:

The difference is that the Daily Food—why the Daily Food, why the Daily Food? Because, brothers, it is from someone who is living and that the Lord has sent, the Lord has commissioned to our region to give us direction, to bring forward the move, isn't it true? So what is the Daily Food? It's like the apostle Paul when he wrote two letters to Thessalonica saying it is this, and that, and that. And the move happens. All other materials, all other books may contain wonderful riches, but they don't carry out the move in this moment.

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Miguel Ma, Conference in Uberlandia, Brazil, June 2, 2007:

What has happened in many countries in South America and in various cities in Brazil is that these brothers have used the literature to cause division, and they have been taken away from the fellowship or taken away from the service not because they want to use the material but because they are using it to cause division, especially The Holy Word for Morning Revival.

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Open Letter from the church in Trujillo, November 16, 2004:

On many occasions Brother Dong prohibited us from reading The Holy Word for Morning Revival. We did not accept his prohibition.

Open Letter from the church in Trujillo, November 16, 2004:

[In a service meeting in Chimbote] Roberto Graner (Dong's coworker) told us that to read the HWM Revival could cause confusion to the saints, and he would rather recommend the reading of Alimento Diario, because the double orientation causes damage.

Statement by Giulianno Capillo, October 20, 2004:

Brother Andres mentioned again and again the need of fellowship with the rest of the Body. During those days it was taught to us that the vital thing for us was the Daily Food and the Morning Revival was just complementary and the messages given by the brothers from USA were just supplementary. This is why no one had interest in taking a Morning Revival book, since it was supplementary.

Letter from Andrés Capillo and Adrián Matta, responsible brothers of the church in Lima, October 22, 2007:

Brother Dong prohibited the saints in Lima, Peru, from reading The Holy Word for Morning Revival (HWMR), insisting that they be one with him as the apostle for South America.

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Claudio Sangermano in a letter from the church in Rosario, Argentina, October 29, 2007:

He said to me, "Do you know the reason why we cannot meet together? Because this word (pointing to The Holy Word for Morning Revival) is contrary to this one (pointing to the book Daily Food). There are conflicts of ministries. The brothers from the US have come to South America to divide the churches and to undermine the ministry of Brother Dong, who is the apostle to us and the one we will follow."

[Permission needed] E-mail from Ariovaldo Antonio Poloni from the church in Piracicaba, Brazil, December 11, 2007:

On September 14th, 21st and 28th, 2007, during three Fridays, brother Ezra Ma came to Piracicaba to share or prevent, actually, to immunize the church against some brothers in Piracicaba who were reading The Holy Word for Morning Revival and enjoying the messages from the unique ministry.

With regard to The Holy Word for Morning Revival, he said that we could read it and that they are extracts from brothers Nee and Lee's books, but he indicated that he who reads would die spiritually; he gave an example of a brother with a Morning Revival book under his arm almost dying; through gestures that he acted as someone would who was dying spiritually and physically. He said these brothers have "spiritual measles", that is, they can read, but if you read will end up dying.

Dong Yu Lan, Daily Food: Practicing the Book of 1 Corinthians, Week 14, Saturday:

The Daily Food has been a great help to us all these years. This publication has become the indispensable, daily, spiritual supply of the saints. If they don't read the Daily Food, they feel a lack. However, many think that the Daily Food is just a devotional reading. Actually, it is more than that. The Daily Food is the result of the speaking ministered in the big conferences and the regional conferences. These conferences result from experiences lived out by the churches over a period of time. They are not messages that come from a study prepared in an office, but are the issue of visiting and fellowship among the churches. The words that are ministered are the present truth, which produces and promotes God's move.

Interview with Alirico Leon, December 17, 2007:

After some time, these brothers from Dong's work began to decrease the usage of The Morning Revival book and other ministry books and inserted instead the Daily Food book. They said that the Daily Food was meant for the new believers because The Holy Word for Morning Revival was too deep to understand. It came to a point that no ministry book or Morning Revival book was used and the reading of the Life-studies was also prohibited and only the elders could buy the Morning Revival books. In one occasion Living Stream Ministry donated books for the churches in Venezuela, but these brothers sold the books, leaving no copies for the churches to use.

After many problems the church in Caracas ordered that all the churches have to staple The Holy Word for Morning Revival with the Daily Food. This was done because many saints requested the use of The Holy Word for Morning Revival. Only some churches agreed to do it, but other churches decided to use only The Holy Word for Morning Revival. The churches that actually staple the two together did it for a few weeks and then stoppped using the Daily Food. The churches that decided to use The Holy Word for Morning Revival were cut off from the fellowship by the brothers following Brother Dong Yu Lan.

Letter from a couple from Kenya, November 2, 2007:

Helcio [Almeida, the co-worker assigned by Brother Dong to coordinate his work in Africa] visited Nairobi several times during this period. At one point the saints asked Helcio about the saints in Anaheim. Helcio agreed to help them get the " Holy Word for Morning Revival" but there was a long delay and no books came. Helcio did send three workers to Kenya, Jonas, Dominguez and Jethro. Right away, these three suggested that the saints stop taking the LSM Radio webcasts and start on a different course. The saints reluctantly agreed.

Letter from Po-Yi Liu and Tim Klimmek, October 30, 2007:

During a November 2006 blending time in Stuttgart (attachment, Brazilian activity in Germany), Alex and Robinson attacked the ministry of truth as dead doctrine. Robinson declared that he had read thirty-one books by Watchman Nee and Witness Lee and after he read them he felt, "dead, dead, dead." Alex and Robinson had been pressuring the brothers in Stuttgart to drop the " Holy Word for Morning Revival," to stop selling the ministry books and to not mention to the saints the European conferences listed on the Amana website.

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