Rom. 16:17 - Now I exhort you, brothers, to mark those who make divisions and causes of stumbling contrary to the teaching which you have learned, and turn away from them.

2 Tim. 2:25 - In meekness correcting those who oppose, if perhaps God may give them repentance unto the full knowledge of the truth.

Note 93 - False Accusations Made Against Brothers


Open Letter from the Church in Trujillo, November 16, 2004:

We went to Huacho to be edified; nevertheless we received topics that cannot edify anyone. There were only slanders and accusations against the persons of the elders in Lima. Such fellowship was carried out without any consideration of the new ones and with a lack of love towards them; the young ones were damaged listening to their accusations. We know the accusations come from the "Enemy" of God, and furthermore, accusing the brothers when they were not there! Such an attitude we do not approve in the least. We are so sorry for all that happened, and that brother Dong had pronounced such accusations, and had taken advantage of his high position of being the "Apostle" against the brothers from Lima, Andres Capillo and Adrian Mata, not being for, but against the biblical principle of restoring the brothers.

An open letter to the churches in Peru from Julio Hinostroza and Luís Ramirez, October 18, 2004:

We are very sorry for the words that Brother Dong poured out here in Chiclayo during the meeting of the serving ones on October 1st of this year [2004], when he referred to the daughter of a brother, accusing her of fornication, not accounting that she suffers from psychological problems and is under medical treatment.

Letter from Julio Hinostroza and Luís Ramirez, October 30, 2007:

In the month of October, 2004, Brother Dong held a conference in the locality of Huacho, Peru. After this conference Brother Dong and Ezra Ma went to the city of Chiclayo. In a serving ones' meeting, Brother Dong falsely accused Brother Andrés Capillo, a responsible brother of the church in Lima, of allowing immorality in his house, when in fact it was known that he was caring for a mentally ill relative. The church in Chiclayo had been shepherded by Brother Andrés and was closely related to him.

E-mail from Ezra Ma to Sterling Byassee, December 8, 2005:

Last year, Brother Andrés Capillo led a movement of division in Peru, involving a small number of saints in Lima plus the churches in Chiclayo and Trujillo .... The church in Chiclayo is being "used" by Andrés Capillo as a "shield". Actually it is he who is inviting you in order to promote himself.... You are being "used" by Andrés Capillo and the dissenting ones to give support to their dissenting and dividing movement and to vindicate that THEY are the ones in the Lord's recovery because CO-WORKERS FROM THE U.S. have come to support them.

Letter from Giulianno Capillo, October 20, 2004:

Brother Dong periodically took hospitality at Brother Daniel Capillo's house until 1990 when Brother Daniel went to be with the Lord. On his way to the conference in Brazil, Brother Daniel got into a car accident and past away. We knew about it Sunday afternoon. I and another brother went out to spread the news to everybody and while doing it this brother said to me that "the Lord deals with the rebels". Soon after, Brother Dong came to Lima and shared that Brother Daniel was already an overcomer and this is why the Lord took him. But I was greatly surprised as I traveled to other countries, when mature brothers in the Lord and trust worthy, mention to me that was said in some fellowships by Brother Dong that Brother Daniel Capillo was taken away for being a rebel. Until today this is being spoken in almost all South America. There are witnesses for this.

These saints are witnesses of the following points that came out of that fellowship [in Huacho in 2004].

  • That Brother Andres is covering up adultery in the church.
  • In Brother Andres' house was fornication through his daughter.
  • That Andres desires to be the leader.
  • Brother Adrian did not give a clear account of the offerings.
  • That according to Brother Luis Ramirez, Brother Adrian was not clear concerning an offering he received and did not know where the money went.

Interview with Julio Hinostroza, June 18, 2008:

Approximately one month after the letter was sent, I had severe stomach pain one night and went to the hospital at 3 A.M. I was diagnosed with appendicitis and went into surgery. Calixto and Milton began to tell saints that I was a rebel and that I was taken to the emergency room because I was a rebel. I did not hear this directly but from other saints.

Ezra Ma, Meeting with co-workers in Taipei, November 6, 2007:

Brother Lee said, 'Rebellion has two causes: unfulfilled ambition and unforgiven offenses'. Andrés [Capillo from Lima, Peru,] had these offenses, so he became divisive.

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Ezra Ma, Meeting with co-workers in Taipei, November 6, 2007:

It is very likely that Andrés Capillo is supported financially by LSM.

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Dong Yu Lan, Conference in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, September 16, 2007, Message 2:

Nowadays certain lawless ones are utilized by Satan to walk around bothering our people. Brazil used to be in a very peaceful condition. Ever since those three traitors in the church in São Paulo were bribed by the US co-workers, they have brought in much disruption and problems from house to house. They lie; they defame...I simply don't know how to describe them.

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Dong Yu Lan, Regional Conference in Belem, Brazil, Message 1, November 19, 2006:

Unfortunately some rebellious ones have appeared, and they are trying to distribute their books. Because they do not have groups of persons to do this, they have approached the colporteurs, and unfortunately they have money to use to buy these colporteurs that they may distribute their books.

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Statement of Fernando Monte-Serrat, October 26, 2007:

I should also clarify three matters concerning which I have personal knowledge. First, after a Lord's table meeting in 1988 Brother Dong appointed 5 elders in the church in São Paulo. Their names are: Pedro Dong, André Dong, Fernando Monte-Serrat, David Franco, and Renato Birolli. That act was witnessed by more than 400 brothers and sisters. In the middle of the 1990's, Brother Renato stopped coming to the meetings and eventually he moved to another city. He was replaced in this service by Brother Laerte Salvador. Following this, Pedro Dong and André Dong could not get the other three elders to agree with a number of things they were doing, things which the three elders considered unrighteous. Then, Pedro and André Dong called a service meeting without telling those three elders. In that private meeting, Pedro and André Dong announced to the serving brothers of the 17 districts of the church in São Paulo that those three were no longer responsible for the administration of the church. They also declared that they should no longer be allowed to minister the word in any of the meeting halls. Their speaking was so strong that the saints of the church in São Paulo stopped even greeting those three brothers and their wives.

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Letter from Eduardo Kalaidjian, October 24, 2007:

In September 2002, at the conference at Estância Árvore da Vida, my son and I—Brother Dong's co-workers—were cut off from the fellowship of all the churches and declared rebels.


Interview with Juan Rubilar and Miguel Lagos, December 20, 2007:

In the meetings of a conference in Santiago, Chile, in July 2007, we were called Nebuchadnezzars. Juan was referred to as Satan and the others were the fallen angels.

Letter from Miguel Angel Lagos and Luigi Espinoza, June 16, 2008:

Concerning our experience of the undermining evil work being done to the serving brothers in the church in Los Angeles, we know of a close co-worker of Brother Dong Yu Lan who has spread in another country rumors about Brother Luigi going back to the world and sin. This is a false accusation and a characteristic of those who follow after the lie.


E-mail from Paul Hon to the co-workers, April 12, 2005:

Lately, Brother Dong and his coworkers claim that Jorge [Farias] has been visiting various places in South America to stir up "trouble" there.


Letter from the church in Ambato, Ecuador, to all the churches in the Lord's recovery, October 1, 2004:

Standing on the base of the truth, and given the seriousness of the accusation put forth by our brother Jorge Navas, coworker in Ecuador of brother Dong Yu Lan, against the church in Ambato, that the church is in division and rebellion, it is our duty to clarify the following...

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Letter from the church in Ambato, Ecuador, to all the co-workers and the churches in the Lord's recovery, December 2004:

We do not agree with the words said in the conference in Santo Domingo, where it was stated that brother Dong bought the meeting hall of the church and that the responsible brothers now want to possess it, claiming that the brothers are rebellious and ambitious...

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Letter from Valdemar Quintero, Rodrigo López, Luis Chango, and Rodrigo Escudero, October 24, 2007:

Brother Valdemar and Rodrigo were accused of being rebellious, ambitious, and divisive.

The United States

Interview with Tito Gutierrez, October 20, 2007:

Many of the Brazilian saints have been told the rumor that Levi Salvador only meets with the North Americans because they pay his bills.

Interview with Levi Salvador and four other brothers, December 19, 2008:

I came to Boca Raton in 2001. Emerson Dias shared with me that Emerson and his family were excluded from the church in Miami. Emerson told this story with tears in his eyes. Emerson claimed that this exclusion caused him many problems including problems with his son who is now in Judaism. Emerson claimed that the problem originated with Ron Madore and Freddie Garcia. Emerson tells this story to others with tears. This story caused a blockage in my fellowship with Ron Madore and Freddie Garcia. Emerson spread this story... When Emerson goes to Brazil, he shares in the meetings about the persecution of the Brazilian saints in North America, especially the story of his exclusion in Miami ... During a recent phone call with me, Emerson told a different story. Rather than saying that he was excluded in Miami, Emerson told me that he "felt like he was excluded." I asked him why he told the other story so often. No answer... I found out that after this phone call, Emerson told Luciano [a visiting brother from Brazil] that he and his family were excluded from the church in Miami.

NOTE: For accusations against the co-workers, see note 103.

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