Rom. 16:17 - Now I exhort you, brothers, to mark those who make divisions and causes of stumbling contrary to the teaching which you have learned, and turn away from them.

2 Tim. 2:25 - In meekness correcting those who oppose, if perhaps God may give them repentance unto the full knowledge of the truth.

Note 84 - Expansion of Dong Yu Lan's Work in Japan

Key points:

  • Brazilian saints living in the Shizuoka province have been using Dong Yu Lan's publications for several years.
  • In the summer of 2005, Ezra Ma encouraged a Japanese/Brazilian brother living in Japan to spread postings from the "Concerned Brothers" website there. "Brother Ezra gave a few documents which now we can find on the 'Concerned Brothers' website, saying 'Show these to the elders in Japan.'" This website is run by Titus Chu's co-workers and is extremely critical of the co-workers' statement in Publication Work in the Lord's Recovery and of the quarantine of Titus Chu. (see note 102).
  • In the second half of 2008 a Brazilian worker named Emaus traveled to Japan to promote Brother Dong's work there. The report that mentions this says, " Our hope is that he would be the first of many that will come from thereabouts to the east. The work of the Lord is going to advance in Japan. Forward we go!!!" (Report concerning Emaus in the CEAPE, 11/10/2008)
  • Brother Dong's co-workers have on multiple occasions written to the Brazilian saints in Japan to encourage them to spread Brother Dong's writings in Japan.
    • " Sell books, give out 'JAV' [Jornal Árvore da Vida], and invite people to the meetings." (Email of Encouragement from Gaspar to the saints in Japan, 11/10/2008)
    • " Here in Brazil the Lord directed us to use literature. We are placing thousands of displays with books in all of South America, Spain, and Portugal. Each display is a mini-bookstore, accessible in places where people normally make purchases. There is a strategy that can change from place to place, but the printed material today and always has been a great instrument in support to the gospel." (Post-conference note from Gaspar, 11/10/2008)
    • " And here the literature has helped to gain people. Brothers, this is our burden for Japan – passing out literature through the brothers. O Lord Jesus. No one can impede because the Lord is advancing here and in South America. I believe and I have faith that we will take all of Japan.¶ The Order is to advance." (Testimony of Emaus, 11/11/2008)
  • Brother Dong is well aware of the efforts of his co-workers to develop a work in Japan. Jose Gaspar, a co-worker of Brother Dong who traveled to Japan, said, " When I came back from Japan, I sent a letter to Brother Dong sharing how God has blessed our fellowship with you. He was very happy..." (Jose Gaspar, After the Conference in Shizoka-Ken, 11/10/2008)
  • In November 2008, Emaus, a Brazilian worker, encouraged the saints to register a church with the government to make it easier to get visas for Brazilians who want to go to Japan to promote Brother Dong's work. He also indicated that one of Brother Dong's senior co-workers, Amir da Silva, wants to open a foundation so that he can get a visa to Japan as a missionary. " It would be good, if the brothers in Japan would agree, that we can register the church so that we can take brothers to Japan, in order to get visas. Send me the information, and I can pass it on to Amir. He can open a foundation there so that he can get a visa as a missionary." (Emaus, Fellowship in Spain, 11/17/2008)
  • The Brazilians planned a large conference in Shimada in August 2009:
    • They invited Brother Dong to speak at the conference. " I used the opportunity to pass on an invitation from Sergio for him to be with us in Shimado in August of the coming year. I believe we are in the way of the Spirit and life." (Jose Gaspar, After the Conference in Shizoka-Ken, 11/10/2008). Brother Dong's calendar of conferences through October 2009 does not show him traveling to Japan.
    • They declared their intent to take many Brazilian saints to the August 2009 conference in Shimada. " If we are not able to see you before then, we expect with certainty to have a big meeting in Shimada in August, perhaps bringing many brothers from Brazil to have fellowship with you..." (Jose Gaspar, Note from Brother Gaspar, 01/13/2009)
    • They also declared their intent to take a group of CEAPistas (graduates of their CEAPE training) to Japan at that time to peddle Brother Dong's literature. " We are praying for Japan and in August a group of CEAPistas will go to Japan... They have started to pray for Japan, and now in August of next year they want to come to Japan as missionaries." (Emaus, speaking to a group of saints in Japan, actual date not known, posted on 01/20/2009)
  • It appears that Emaus is being supported by saints in Japan to spread Brother Dong's work there. " When I come this time I will be joined by brother Emaus who is coming back from Spain after staying two months with the ceapistas, traveling and preaching the gospel of the kingdom there. His coming was the fruit of the fellowship of the Brazilian brothers in Japan, who feeling the need for more advancement of the gospel through the colportage, decided to support him spiritually and financially." (Jose Gaspar, Fellowship about Japan, 01/05/2009)
  • Jose Gaspar and Emaus were planning to travel through parts of Japan, including Tokyo, to peddle Brother Dong's literature to pastors of denominations and contact families of Brazilian saints. " I will still remain here for four more days, after which I will go out to colportage with Emaus, contacting some denominations with books, and also visiting some families of brothers in the region of Tokyo." (Jose Gaspar, Fellowship about Japan, 01/05/2009)



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